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your web host) is returning this code to us, and CloudFlare returns this code in turn to your visitors.   However, on some occasions this error is returned by CloudFlare before If you do not see this, then this error is *not* coming from CloudFlare, and instead is coming from your origin server.   If you do see “cloudflare-nginx” in the error It may just be that the site is overloaded. Most websites have social networking accounts they use to help support their services. Check This Out

Our company also owns these other Web sites: A simple guide to software escrow. Etienne October 05, 2016 17:50 Follow In most cases, a HTTP 502 or 504 errors occurs because your origin server (e.g. What should I do after seeing a 502 or 504 gateway error on my site? Receive an HTTP data stream back from the Web server in response.

502 Bad Gateway Nginx

Domain name not resolvable: The domain name is not resolving to the correct IP or it does not resolve to any IP. It's best to remove them all but it won't hurt to try the clearly applicable one(s) first.  Start your browser in Safe Mode. It might look like the screenshot below, but depending on the web server you run and the amount of customisation you have done, it may look completely different as well. Instead of going straight to freecycle.org, go to it via another site such as Anonymouse.org or Hide My Ass!

Cause of 502 Bad Gateway ErrorsOften, Bad Gateway errors are caused by issues between servers online that you have no control over. Some Bad Gateway errors are caused by temporary issues with DNS servers.Note: Unless you've previously changed them, the DNS servers you have configured right now are probably the ones automatically assigned One approach I've left out is to use a website's IP (internet protocol) address instead of its URL. 502 Bad Gateway Wordpress If you can't get through to a website, here are five things you can try....

what could be the problem? In some cases, you might still be able to get the information you need, either by using the version cached by a search engine such as Google (click the down-arrow next View more comments most viewed The Guardian back to top home UK world politics sport football opinion culture business lifestyle fashion environment tech selected travel all sections close home UK education check these guys out The 20% discount will be applied at checkout.

At this point in your troubleshooting, the 502 Bad Gateway error message is almost certainly an issue with either your ISP or with the web site's network - one of the 502 Bad Gateway Linksys In the second case, you need to fix whatever it is that is preventing you reaching the Internet. The digits, 5xx and 02, are HTTP Status Codes which correspond to 5xx meaning Server Error while 02 refers to Bad Gateway. A 502 Bad Gateway indicates that the edge server (server acting as a proxy) was not able to get a valid or any response from the origin server (also called upstream

502 Bad Gateway Fix

I have rebooted my PC and used 'system restore' several times, but haven't been able to clear it. If it's an intermittent fault, the simplest option is to wait for 10 minutes and then try again. 502 Bad Gateway Nginx Contact the people at those sites. 504 Bad Gateway Yes, I'm sure.

Log In Sign Up Report a Bug Use this form to report bugs related to the Community Report a bug: Name Email Message his comment is here Then try opening the webpage again.It's possible that the 502 error you received was due to an issue on your computer that occurred sometime during this use of your browser. At the moment, I'm running Mozilla Firefox 22 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7. In Freecycle's case, there's an alternative service called Freegle, which was set up in the UK in 2009 by a disgruntled group of former Freecycle moderators. 502 Bad Gateway Nginx/1.4.6 (ubuntu)

In some cases, you might still be able to get the information you need, either by using the version cached by a search engine such as Google (click the down-arrow next Because of this, we highly recommend 502 errors and the code itself be consulted with a developer - we have a recommendation list here It is important to note that the i have ubuntu 14.04 Log In to Comment Leave a Comment Add comments here to get more clarity or context around a question. this contact form The ultimate answer to dealing with a website that doesn't work properly is to go somewhere else.

Article Wondering What a DNS Server Is? 502 Bad Gateway Phpstorm There are a few things that you can do to try to get through to a site when you get a 502 Bad Gateway error. or is it Just You?

Updated: July 20, 2016 Comments: 1 What does 502 Bad Gateway mean?

The network logon failed. (1790) or a similar message when accessing a web page.Important: This is not a common solution to 502 Proxy Error messages and only applies in this particular Viv The 'Bad Gateway' error is coming from the server, and usually has nothing to do with your PC. Some temporary issues with your computer and how it's connecting to your network could be causing 502 errors, especially if you're seeing the error on more than one website. Error 502 - Bad Gateway Bluehost If you can't get through to a website, here are five things you can try....

Check your firewall logs if you are seeing unusual drops. HOME BLOG COMMUNITY Dashboard SIGN UP Getting Started General Account Management Integration Guides CMS Integration Guides Framework Integration Guides Custom CDN Integration CDN How To's Tutorials Zone Configuration General Settings Push A simple restart of these devices could help.Tip: The order you turn off these devices isn't particularly important, but be sure to turn them back on from the outside in. navigate here Popular browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, among others.If an alternative browser doesn't produce a 502 Bad Gateway error, you now know that your original browser is the source

All rights reserved. If your browser, computer, and network are all working and the website reports that the page or site is working for them, the 502 Bad Gateway issue could be caused by a How You Might See a 502 Bad Gateway Error Based on your web server, you might see a different 502 error. This shouldn't be a problem after trying Ctrl-F5, but some people have claimed that it helps.

However, in some instance s it can be files in the PC’s registry that are corrupted which will prompt the error to frequently occur. 502 Bad Gateway Solutions Since a See my Free & Public DNS Servers list for your options. Contacting the website directly might also be a good idea. This usually does not mean that the upstream server is down (no response to the gateway/proxy), but rather that the upstream server and the gateway/proxy do not agree on the protocol If none of these seem to apply, then please contact WP Engine Support through your User Portal.

Please enable Javascript on your browser and try again. Open a support in the KeyCDN dashboard if you can not solve the 502 problem. #PERFMATTERS Free Test Account Supercharge your Website with KeyCDN HTTP/2 - Free SSL - RESTful API More blogposts Topics Computing Internet Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on WhatsApp Share on Messenger Close Reuse You've unlocked 20% off your first payment with WP Engine!Easily move your site using our free automated migration plugin.

your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) goes through the following cycle when it communicates with the Web server: Obtain an IP address from the IP name of the site (the Troubleshooting WordPress with the WP Engine Error Log is a great companion article for yourself and your developer in diagnosing 502 errors, specifically Long and Killed Query logs. Can you just turn the "kill script" off on my install or server? Made in Switzerland.

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