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Reverse Phone Search: Home Reverse Phone Lookup Resources News Browse About Us Contact Us Area Code Search Follow @NumInvestigator Results for (312)-380-5416 Phone Number Details Phone Number: 3123805416 Owner Name: On If you are getting harrassing calls from this number, the answer is yes. What company is this? As a victim of telephone harassment you are enitled to recover up to $1,000 under federal law.

Busy on callback. Everytime the phone rings it needs to be answered. One came from 312-380-5416 & 1 from 847-850-0122. Not Spam?

I cancelled due to unresolved delivery issues and don't care to try it again. chicago tribune is behind this numberReply!0Mary B. HenehanMarketers of “FREE” iPad settles with FTCFTC Brings First Case Alleging Text Messages Were Used In Illegal Debt Collection SchemeFTC Gets Court to Halt Phony Payday Loan Broker"Celebrating" The Do Not

No answer when called back. Caller:Turnkey Solutions Turnkey solutions May 7, 2010 10:32 AM |Rate Comment 0 Report as inappropriate| Reply to First call started May 1st 4-5 times a day= 36 calls /after picking up The more complaints a certain number receives, the more exposure it gets. I would be happy to talk to someone and hang up on them if they would just let the call go through once.  lolReply!0Problem Resolved replies to say what15 Feb 2011This

If debt collector is calling your number by mistake or asking someone you don't know, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ptotects your rights. Add Comment E-mail: Next Add Audio Recording Upload Allowed max size for the audio file: 10 Mb Learn More By clicking "next" you agree with the EveryCaller.com Terms of Service and Extremely annoying.  You answer- they don;t talk- why call??!Reply!0Mary replies to say what22 Jun 2010if it's like Verizon ... http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-312-380-5416 I have spoken with a number of representatives and supervisors and they all tell me that it has been removed.


Hopkins replies to say what25 Jun 2009I wonder how the hell they can get a person's unlisted phone # anyway!?This is very disconcerting!Reply!0Mary B. click to read more Caller: Turnkey Solutions Reply!0Tiffany27 Aug 2008Please do not call me anymore! I called the Tribune Customer Service Line and asked to speak to a supervisor (800/874-2863) I explained my annoyance and he said he will contact Turn Key Solutions to remove my Caller: Turn Key Solutions Reply!0eatshitanddie replies to say what25 Aug 2008yell and scream when they call, they have called my brand new phone number 3 times in 8 hours....

If you don't know the company name, enter the name they gave you (first and last if possible.) If you don't know the name of the company or individual calling you, You can optionally provide additional information to help us identify who called you. Premium Information is up to date and includes owner name, most recent address, and much more. Report this comment as spam Chuck reported 312-380-5416 as an Unknown Caller Mar 3rd 2011 - 4:06:49pm PST Hang up Report this comment as spam 2016 NumberInvestigator.com | All Rights Reserved

Yes No Comment: Who Called: Call Type: RoboCall Scam Telemarketing Collection Agency Fund Raiser Junk Fax Other Commercial Phishing Political Prank Call Reminder / Notification Call Spam Text Surveyor Audio I have called now for over 6 months requesting for them to delete my number from their dialer. I want these calls to stop. Help - Your Name The name you enter will be published with your complaint.

Caller:Chicago Tribune - Turn Key Solutions ava Feb 1, 2011 06:46 PM |Rate Comment 0 Report as inappropriate| Reply to they try to call me at least twice a day Russ Recent Comments Numbers similar to 1-312-380-5416 1-312-380-9374 1-312-380-6255 1-312-380-4033 1-312-380-6596 1-312-380-4016 1-312-380-4074 1-312-380-4066 1-312-380-6711 1-312-380-4079 1-312-380-4080 1-312-380-4059 1-312-380-4088 1-312-380-5004 1-312-380-0883 1-312-380-4751 1-312-380-0764 1-312-380-5707 1-312-380-4845 1-312-380-6535 1-312-380-1776 1-312-380-4067 1-312-380-9499 1-312-380-5733 1-312-380-4753 Phone It says something like Turn Key Solutions or Currency Solutions, hard to hear.Reply!0M13 Mar 2008Many calls, no message, busy signal when I try to call back Caller: Unknown Reply!0drm13 Mar 2008Twice

Hopkins16 Jan 2010The computer dials....one number at a time.   Yours just came up as the next to call.Reply!0Mary replies to Mary B.

Caller:Chicago Tribune Sales N. they say they call 5 numbers at the same time and if someone answers the other calls get dropped... Arrow Financial P8 3123805416 (312) 380-5416 312-380-5416 Have you received calls from this number? 3123805416 (312) 380-5416 312-380-5416 If you have received calls from any of the numbers listed above, CLICK Read below to find out details about this number.

Hopkins replies to say what25 Jun 2009I wonder how the hell they can get a person's unlisted phone # anyway!?This is very disconcerting!Reply!0gmw replies to say what2 Apr 2010Same thing- Calls Activity (312) 380-5416 Tags For (312) 380-5416 #Turnkey Solutions (3) #Chicago Tribune (2) #Chicago Tribune - Turn Key Solutions (1) #Chicago Tribune Newspaper (1) #Chicago Tribune Sales (1) #Customer Service (1) Just hang upReply!1234Next Submit a comment about 3123805416 phone number:In order to post, you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.CallerThe company that called you. Call type Unknown Debt collector Event reminder Fax Non-profit organization Political call Prank call Survey Telemarketer Text message Thank you for your contribution!