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No one on the line and then hung up. 8042329771 Complaint by Brian, 1 Years ago Phishing number when you call the line it is not in service 8003102019 Complaint by Success! Submit Thanks, your comment has been submitted. Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.

I'm also on the no call list, not that that matters!Reply!0David replies to Trucy28 Jan 2009 | 2 repliesPersistent calls and hang ups (no messages) from 319-730-4172.  Does anyone know who Gave them my credit card over the phone.  I'm now worried I got scammed...Reply!0claudia replies to Griff15 Dec 2009I am tempted to subscribe, but want to know if you were scammed. Related 3197304172 phones 319-731-0701 Reported Guest May 31 2016 Guest voted 'Danger' for 319-731-0701 in 2016-05-31 14:36:34 319-731-1064 Reported Guest May 20 2016 Guest voted 'Danger' for 319-731-1064 in 2016-05-20 06:37:34 Subscribe to our mailing list to receive a report when new complaints arrive!

Visit our website to learn more."Reply!0lucy replies to David25 Oct 2010 | 1 replyThey said they were calling from the Wall Street Journal.Reply!0Smudge replies to lucy6 May 2011Received same call from Add a comment about 319-730-4172 phone number Comment form need to have JavaScript enabled! Here is what you need to knowHarassing Phone Calls: What To Do Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Legal Stuff Copyright 800notes.com 2016 User - ProfileMy PostsReplies the info my print edition had ceased delivery last Friday (3 days ago) , plus they called my cell phone which was the phone number I used when originally ordering the

We are on the do not call list. Take Action – Tell Us as much as you can Submit a report about 3197304172 Your Name Message Recent comment 2135372950 Complaint by Guest, 1 Years ago This guy sent me If you are getting calls from this number, it is to renew or restart your subscription. its a telemarketerReply!0Joy replies to gaylesbennett20 Apr 2012I receivd a call today.  She said she was calling from Dow Jones.  I think it was a recording becauseI was saying hello the

Thanks everybody for the headsup about the identity of this caller! Call type Unknown Debt collector Event reminder Fax Non-profit organization Political call Prank call Survey Telemarketer Text message Thank you for your contribution! Caller: TLC Associ Inc. http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/3197304172/2 taken off this telemarketer's list.Reply!0Charlie replies to Trucy3 Feb 2011Apparently a call "I would not want to miss" Hawking WSJ subsReply!0Dina11 Aug 2008 | 4 repliesReceived call from this number.

Hung up on caller. Public Records Family Members & Associates Email Addresses Background Records Available Background Records Owner's Name Mobile Phone Owner Reveal Full Name Crime/Traffic Public Record Databases Continue To Results Address Cedar Rapids, Caller: TLC Assoc Inc Reply!0PZL20 May 2009Did not answer and did not leave msg. They never leave a message.

Other phone numbers in the 319 area code 800Notes Directory of UNKNOWN Callers HomepageForumNewsArticlesVideos Search Latest Forum ThreadsNumber showed up as "anonymous"Posts: 132 | Last post: 18 min agoFake PC Techs http://thewinwiki.org/3197304172/ Caller: none Reply!0tomv3 Sep 200924 calls - on 2 daysReply!0Rod S.1 Oct 2009I actually had someone respond when they called me for the 20th time.  It was the Wall Street Journal. This is a frequent caller, same routine for each call. Caller: Wall Street Journal Reply!0Mike18 Aug 2009I just threatened them with a class action lawsuit.  Obviously, these people ignore the do not call list.  It only takes 25 people to sign

Hard to believe this call comes from them. Have now blocked their calls. Leaves no msg, disconnects before ans machine captures the caller. Oh, and please watch your language and post only truthful information.

Sleezeball in this thread. 8042344235 Complaint by BOB, 1 Years ago NUMBER IS TIED TO 8002188787 Complaint by Rhale, 1 Years ago called three times to lower my APR on credit 319-730-4172 Did you get a call from 3197304172? Tried to call to get them to remove me from their call list and got routed around worse than FairPoint/Verizon's phones.http://www.whitepages.com/search/ReversePhone?full_phone=319-730-4172&localtime=surveyhttps://www.mcleodusa.com/YourAccount/Home.doThey said I should call my telephone provider and have them Country: USA Location: Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City) 1234567Next0Trucy7 Aug 2008 | 9 repliesno msg- several calls to do not call #Reply!0David replies to Trucy28 Jan 2009 | 3 repliesPersistent calls

Cancel Remove Report this number Select Call Type General Spam Not Spam Telemarketer IRS Scam Debt Collector Scam or Fraud Political Survey Charity Your Name Leave a comment about the caller When I explained he doesn't accept these type of phone calls the lady said this was in regard to his Dow Jones account and then hung up.ha!Just hang up.. Cardel Call type: Telemarketer Reply!0HQ replies to Dina4 Sep 2008Yes wallstreet journal pushy sales person....called with bogus name they were looking for someone and gave a room number...I said this wasnt

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Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. Caller: TLC Assoc INC Reply!0Tippe25 Aug 2009I got the same thing today. Please watch your language and provide only truthful information. Call type Unknown Debt collector Event reminder Fax Non-profit organization Political call Prank call Survey Telemarketer Text message Thank you for your contribution!

Other phone numbers that starts with 319 WhoCallsMe Reverse phone directory Homepage Search Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Legal Stuff Copyright WhoCallsMe.com 2016 User - ProfileMy Caller: TLC & Assoc Inc Reply!0Meg9 Jul 2010A woman phoned me from this number.  She asked for me by first & last name.  I responded by asking who is calling.  She Reply!0Udriga13 Jul 2009It is a marketing service calling to renew the Wall Street Journal.  I presume they may work for Dow-Jones and other businesses as well. Please active it...

Two calls , no message. Caller: Thomas L. Caller: ? Sign Up We never spam! 3197304172 Got a call from 319-730-4172?

I do not answer numbers I don't know 8002809931 Complaint by HVY MTL HED, 1 Years ago I recieived one yesterday, going to call in on a pay phone, walmart isn't Country: USA Location: Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City) 12345Next0LT22 Apr 2009Getting a couple of calls everyday for a couple of weeks Caller: TLC, Assoc Inc Reply!0Concerned1 May 2009Did not answer and Pushy salesman trying to hock Wall Street Journal Subscriptions. Read below to find out details about this number.

Caller: TLC Call type: Telemarketer Reply!0Jessica1 Jun 2010Called them and asked them to stop calling.  They were polite and seemed to take down my informationReply!0Tom11 Jun 2010We got numerous calls in Caller: Wall Street Journal Reply!0Annoyed homeowner3 Feb 2010This caller calls repeatedly and does not leave a message.  I do not do business with this company, they should not be calling my Background Search... HenehanMarketers of “FREE” iPad settles with FTCFTC Brings First Case Alleging Text Messages Were Used In Illegal Debt Collection SchemeFTC Gets Court to Halt Phony Payday Loan Broker"Celebrating" The Do Not

Site Map Cardella & Associates two prestigious honors: Best in Class Call Center and 1st Place Runner Up Call Center Leader of the Year.Whether you are targeting business or consumers, our award-winning team Told him not interested, kept trying to persist. Reply!0HH18 May 2010Started getting phone calls from 319-730-4172 a couple days after my WSJ subscription ended - I agree with the previous people who've posted, that it is a subscription renewal