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What does it do and is it required? Si se encuentra fuera de la ruta de archivo estándar, podría ser un indicio de infección por virus. Available via AudioHQ - not required N AutoMate Task Service automate.exe Task scheduler for Unisyn Automate 4. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup.

This is "beta" at present and was made available to download by mistake at present. Batchreg1 N/A ?? CLMFrontPanel N/A ?? Loaded on the computer without the users knowledge and is able to send encrypted emails about the system back to the originators of the program.

Is 3deepctl.exe CPU intensive? CQSCP2PS ?? "Compaq printer utility which is required in the startup menu in order to make the printer work correctly". May not be required if you don't use the ISP providers N CPQINKAGENT cpqinkag.exe That is the Compaq Ink Agent for some IJ printers, it lets EU's know when their ink

Unless you use this on a frequent basis it isn't required an is available via Start -> Programs. Not required unless you use them N Compaq Video CD Watcher ?? Should be able to create your own shortcut and run it manually Y AVG_CC avgcc32.exe /startup AVG anti-virus control center. Try it and see N ATI Task Application (Atikey) Atitask.exe Provides System Tray access and key-combo shortcuts to common display functions on ATI video cards.

Loads Digital Dashboard options. They generally attempt to get you (these messages) to connect to Compaq's website. It only updates the help files on your PC to match the level of the attached AS/400. Check here or here for information about Spyware and here for a program that may remove it.

Useful if you switch regularily but not required. Not required N CLICKTHEBUTTON CTB.EXE A so-called "essential utility" by the people who supply it - here. DMI support for the Intel network card managed through the Desktop Management Interface. Note that as of version 6, this is a critical component of McAfee and disabling it can cause a PC to lock up U AlpsPoint Apoint.exe Touchpad software for laptop PC's.

Not required U Atrack atrack.exe New feature of Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Personal Firewall (NPF) 3.0 is the Alert Tracker, an instant notification feature. Checks your PC for "Spyware" which reports back your internet activities to "base". What does it do and is it required? Nuestra recomendación: AVG Anti-Virus Free.

Not required N EarthLink ToolBar 5.0 etoolbar.exe EarthLink Toolbar is a tool to help you get to all of the resources of the internet. CTFMON.exe will continue to put itself back into MSConfig when you run the Office XP apps as long as the Text Services and Speech applets in the Control Panel are enabled. Performs a quick check of memory for signs of any virus. If you require f urther assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums.

BleepingComputer.com will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure. Not required ? N Detector detector.exe USB port detector for LG scanners. Part of Microsoft Office - searches disk drives for Office file types to make opening them easier.

Adds a quick-launch bar to the top of the display and a System Tray icon. Can anyone confirm if these are indeed related? Search Startups Startup Database Navigation Startups Home Newest Entries Rootkit List Startup Database Forum How to use the Startup Database Submit a Startup RSS Feed Newsletter Sign Up


Recommend upgrade.

If you have one, once installed it shouldn't be needed U ATI Lauchpad launchpd.exe ATI LaunchPad provides a convenient way to start all your Multimedia Center applications (DVD player, Video CD, To stop 3deepctl.exe permanently uninstall '3Deep' from your system. If you don't use your printer often create your own shortcut to start it manually when required X N/A CNBABE.EXE Appears to be spyware added by KAZAA (and maybe others) that It's best removed if installed but not wanted, rather than disabled at startup.

They may be safely disabled via (1) MSCONFIG or (2) Start -> Programs -> Compaq Advisor -> Advisor Settings under the "advanced" tab. Enhancesaudio outputthrough Genius sound cards (makes a big difference andworth the 3mb Ram use) N [email protected] WINFAH.EXE [email protected] is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related Not normally required. MPEG viewer.

See here for more info N CallControl ftctrl32.exe FaxTalk Messenger Pro is a Windows TAPI based 32-bit application. See here N Album Fast Start ABMTSR.EXE Scanner software, not required for scanner to work. From the parent site - '(the user interface) starts in the "Startup" menu and adds itself to the taskbar. Unavailable via Start -> Programs so create your own shortcut ?

Not required U ConfigSafe CFGSAFE.EXE or AUTOCHK.EXE Lets you identify changes to the registry, INI files, System asset files, system hardware, network connections, and operating system versions -- provides a restore Uses MS Agents, software can read emails, tell jokes. Not required U explorer explorer.exe Starts Windows Explorer. Valoración: de confianza Aviso legal | Notas sobre protección de datosCopyright©2012 Process Information.

Website protected worldwide by official registration. Your choice N Eye Tide Launcher oneeyetideone.exe Nascar wallpaper - not required X EZDesk EZDESK.EXE Utility that remembers icon locations for each user and resolution. For more info on ctfmon see here N CTRegRun CTRegRun.exe For Creative Soundblaster Live! N ??

Just click the feature you want. Once you exit it, it has no more effect on resources N Bose Wave/PC Monitor wavepcmonitor.exe Puts an icon in the System Tray for this system (more info on the system If you want to schedule recordings, you will need this, otherwise can be disabled.