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He them responsed in a very snarky tone, "Is that so, mamm"? I said that I knew that but proceeded to say, "Now that I have asked you not to call me, you have to honor that". I just sent them an email and waiting ot see if I get anything back from them.Reply!+1Lunar replies to robsgurl_2318 Sep 2010Just purchase a good phone that has the ability to replies to Reel Life.7 Jul 2014Air horn,goofy auto fill!  :(Reply!089uyvs replies to Knoxjr27 Mar 2011 | 7 repliesI filed an online complaint against them w/ the FCC.

I said that it does work that way, that he was invading my home and if they called again that I would indeed report them so someone. replies to Grandma7 Jul 2014A fixed income or not,if a so and so rich kid reads something,They're libel to shoot Their mouths off and condemned someone else for being thrifty,after all- Not sure who's more of an idiot, the company that sends currency through the mail, or the moron who actually does the "survey" for a buck LOLReply!-3TomB replies to dipsy7 Oct I believe it is Arbitron they are a media rating survey company and since they are a survey company they do not have to abide by the "do not call list".

Each diary came with a few one-dollar bills. I am equally adamant and dont pick up...but they are a pain ! I told them to remove me from their list and I was not interested in taking their survey and they still called me the next morning!!Reply!-3Brad replies to 89uyvs7 Oct 2011 It's kinda nice but yeah, annoying.

MORON!!!! If your registered in the National do not call list, it just stops unsolicited and sales calls!!!! They must be shut down. At Office Depot?!Posts: 6 | Last post: a few seconds agoNumber showed up as "anonymous"Posts: 132 | Last post: 41 min agoCall from "Unknown Name;" "Private Number."Posts: 592 | Last post:

FCC Complaint May 29, 2012 08:01 AM |Rate Comment 0 Report as inappropriate| Reply to This company has been calling every day for the past week. The point of this site is finding out about these UNWANTED phone calls to our homes!Reply!-2Welkin1a replies to robin14 Oct 2011indeed, i have been paid $20+ so far for this radio trapped. http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-410-312-8222/6 hundreds of complaints but your the lucky one huh!Reply!-2William replies to sick of it all1 Jun 2012So "Sick of it all" if you bothered to read all the post, you would

Yes No Submit Call From: (410) 312-8222 How do I block calls? They were calling me twice a day for a week. This idiot saying it is above them for taking money for time????? I tried emailing them at [email protected] (from an email address I never use) to get them to cease and desist.I think everyone who receives these annoying calls should send Abritron an

Getting enough rest literally is my only means of living longer at this point, so I can't allow these imbeciles to keep calling me. [Reply][Share] Reported 2nd, May. 2013. | Complain read this post here The caller was identified as Arbitron [Reply][Share] Reported 15th, Oct. 2012. | Complain this number Anonymous+1 They have called 11 times in the last 5 days. Yes No Comment: Who Called: Call Type: RoboCall Scam Telemarketing Collection Agency Fund Raiser Junk Fax Other Commercial Phishing Political Prank Call Reminder / Notification Call Spam Text Surveyor Audio Call Activity Warn Your Friends Tell them to install Whitepages ID to block calls from spammers like these.

Caller: Arbitron, Inc Reply!0Fred8 Nov 2008 | 2 repliesWe found a very simple solution for all annoyance calls. Hoping to find more info (such as an address) so I can contact this company directly to complain. Next time they ring I will start with, "Just to inform you that this and all future calls received from your number will be recorded for quality and legal purposes. Thankfully we have the ability to block these types of calls.

They keep calling because you never answer and they can't guess if you want to or not participate!!! The readout on the phone and the "missed call" list shows "Call Blocked". The caller was identified as Columbia, MD [Reply][Share] Reported 16th, Oct. 2012. | Complain this number Anonymous0 numerous calls from unknown name who never leaves a message. looked at the donotcall site and said if  it's a survey  they won;t do anything..which is what any messages they left have said.

Busch5 Nov 2012my total draw from arbitron survey was 3 dollars after a month of continuous calls DEFINETLY not worth the hassle. go clean your gun and update your bail out bag. Read below to find out details about this number.

Filed  two complaints with the National Don't Call List.If you get these calls on 410-312-8222  and 800-638-7091.  Arbitron  Ratings is located at  9740 Patuxent Woods Drive,  Columbia, Maryland 21046.  They list

I have caller ID so do pick up the phone because I don't recognize the number. They said thank you and that they would not call back. Or you can mail your questions and comments to:Pat ThomasArbitron Inc. 9705 Patuxent Woods Drive Columbia, MD 21046-1572Reply!0robsgurl_23 replies to Susan24 Mar 2010 | 2 repliesthis place keeps calling me I They've been calling for 2 wks now and we have a nonpublished phone number.

The caller was identified as Arbitron [Reply][Share] Reported 5th, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number Anonymous+1 I looked this number up. not cheap replies to robin7 Mar 2012i agree, to just answer a few question and you get paid for it hey! It's getting to the point of harassment. Caller:unknown FCC Complaint Jun 2, 2012 04:26 PM |Rate Comment 0 Report as inappropriate| Reply to Selling something, but recording was garbled so I couldn't understand what they were selling.

Caller: Arbitron Reply!0harassment cals28 May 2009please list Arbitron's owner's PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS so we can call them and see how they like it. I agree. When I pick up the phone there is no one there.Tired of the calls and want to be removed from their call list. their number is 1-800-638-7091 or you can go to their website arbitronratings.com to ask to be removed from their list.

You do not really have to watch the programs---just say you did and collect the money.Be careful about what you supply for answers regarding personal info. No problems with rudeness on the phone.Reply!0DJF29 Aug 2008These people have been told time and again not to phone but they insist upon doing so anyway.  Jesus.  I can't get any AttorneyGenerals Office.Reply!0P. with postage due that they have to pay if possible.Here is there address with some a-hole's name who you are supposed to write:Chris JohnsonArbitron Ratings9705 Patuxent Woods Drive Columbia, MD 21046-1521

They haven't called again, YET.